Academically or Intellectually Gifted Education (AIG) Program

The Academically or Intellectually Gifted Education (AIG) Programs in the Department of Special Education & Child Development at UNC Charlotte are designed to prepare candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their professional abilities in support of the needs of students who are gifted, talented, or academically advanced learners.

Students can focus on AIG at UNC Charlotte in the following programs:

· Graduate Certificate in AIG

· M.Ed. in Special Education – AIG Concentration

· Ph.D. in Special Education

We also offer an Early Entry option for qualified undergraduate students interested in taking up to two 3-credit hours in our Graduate Certificate in AIG program.

The content of our AIG programs is aligned with state and national professional educator standards. Upon completion of our programs, candidates will be well prepared to improve their students’ learning outcomes by

· understanding the nature and needs of individuals identified as AIG,

· differentiating curriculum and instruction for gifted learners,

· addressing diversity and equity within gifted identification and programming,

· collaborating with professional colleagues and parents, and

· applying research-based best practices.

While the AIG programs primarily are designed for educators, we welcome administrators, school counselors, and parents of gifted learners to inquire about our programs.

For additional information, please see the other pages of this website or contact the Program Director or Program Coordinator.​