Special Education

Welcome to UNC Charlotte’s Special Education Program. We are pleased you are interested in our programs. The purpose of our special education programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels is to develop excellent special education professionals who provide individually planned, systematically implemented, and carefully evaluated instruction for students with special needs so these students may achieve the greatest possible self-sufficiency and highest academic performance to promote success in present and future endeavors. We are committed to:

  1. Advocating for individuals with special needs
  2. Developing parent, professional, and community partnerships
  3. Implementing systematic instruction and curricular decision-making
  4. Understanding and responding to the individual needs of diverse learners
  5. Assuring competence in assessment, instruction, and research-validated practices
  6. Promoting self-determination to enhance outcomes for young adults with special needs
  7. Sustaining professional and ethical practiced
  8. Reflecting on one’s practice to guide life-long professional development

Make a Difference ~ Become a Special Educator

Contact information and detailed information about each of our programs is available by clicking on the specific program listed on the left-hand side of this page.