Erin FitzPatrick

Erin FitzPatrick

Associate Professor, Special Education


Dr. Erin FitzPatrick is an Associate Professor in the Special Education and Child Development Department. She teaches undergraduate literacy and assessment courses as well as online graduate level courses to educators pursuing their graduate certificates in teaching or M.Ed. in Special Education. She leverages over a decade of experience in urban, majority-minority, upper elementary classrooms to inform her research in the areas of effective writing interventions and professional development models, all aimed at the goal of improving the writing of young, struggling authors. Dr. FitzPatrick believes that writing allows us to participate in conversations without the limits of geography and time, and we are all served when all voices are present.


Ph.D. – Georgia State University, 2017, Education of Students with Exceptionalities
M.Ed. – Middle Tennessee State University, 2013, Literacy
Certification – University of St. Thomas, 2002, Elementary Education
B.A. – Illinois College, 1998, History and Political Science


Assessment in Special Education
Teaching Reading to Elementary Students with Special Needs

Research Interests/Areas of Expertise

Self-regulated Strategy Development
Practice-based Professional Development
Assessment of Writing
Inclusive Literacy Practices

Awards & Honors

Georgia State University Provost’s Dissertation Fellow
Georgia State University Literacy and Language Fellow
Georgia State University Outstanding Doctoral Student in Special Education
Citizen of the Year, M.A. Jones Elementary School

Community Involvement

Parent and Student Advocacy, Manifest Determination Meetings
Scorer, National Writing Project, SEED 2 National Evaluation Scoring Conference
Guest Reviewer, Contemporary Educational Psychology
Guest Reviewer, Education and Treatment of Children
Guest Reviewer, SAGE Open
Guest Reviewer, Behavioral Disorders
Guest Reviewer, Journal of Early Intervention

Selected Publications

FitzPatrick, E. & McKeown, D. (in press). Meeting the needs of middle school writers in a special education classroom: SRSD for the informational genre citing text-based evidence. Education and Treatment of Children.

McKeown, D., FitzPatrick, E., Ennis, R., & Potter, A. (in press). Writing is revising: Improving student writing through individualized asynchronous audio feedback. Education and Treatment of Children.

Schrodt, K., FitzPatrick, E., Reddig, K., Smith, E., & Grow, J. (in press). #TextMeetsTech: Pre-service teachers navigating meaning and identity through transliteracy practice. In Mitchell, J.S. & Vaughn, E.N. (Eds). Participatory Literacy Practices for P-12 Classrooms in the Digital Age. Hershey, PA: IGI-Global Publishing.

McKeown, D. & FitzPatrick, E. (2019). Planning. In S. Graham, C. MacArthur, & M. Hebert (Eds.), Best Practices in Writing Instruction. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.

McKeown, D., FitzPatrick, E., Brown, M., Brindle, M., Owens, J., & Hendrick, R. (2019). Urban teachers’ SRSD implementation following PBPD: Positive effects mediated by compromised fidelity. Reading and Writing, 32, 1483-1506. doi:10.1007/s11145-018-9864-3

Schrodt, K.E., Elleman, A., FitzPatrick, E., Hasty, M., Kim, J. Tharp, T., & Rector, H. (2019). An examination of mindset instruction, self-regulation, and writer’s workshop on kindergartener’s writing performance and motivation: A mixed methods study. Reading & Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties.

Philippakos, Z. & FitzPatrick, E. (2018). A proposed tiered model of assessment in writing instruction: Supporting all student-writers. Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices, 15(2), 149-173.

Schrodt, K. M., Gilbert, S., & FitzPatrick, E. (2018). Our voices carry: Six fresh, authentic publishing opportunities for young writers. The Ohio Journal of English Language Arts.

Patton-Terry, N., Irving, M., & FitzPatrick, E. (2017). Cultural and linguistic diversity: Issues in education. In R.P. Colarusso, C.M. O’Rourke, & Leontovich, M. (Eds.), Special education for all teachers. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing.

FitzPatrick, E. & Schrodt, K. (2014). Animal studies: Habitat, adaptations for survival, environmental factors, and human impact – an interdisciplinary unit for Grade 4. IRA Bridges: Instructional Units for the Engaging Classroom. 1-23.

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