When should I expect to receive my official transcript? 

Official transcripts can be ordered in Banner Self-Service as soon as their certificate/degree status has been switched from "Applied" to "Awarded." Here is the link to order official transcripts: https://ninercentral.uncc.edu/grades-transcripts-graduation/order-transcripts. Expect to receive transcripts via mail within 2 weeks. 

Keep in mind that candidates do not need to request an official transcript if they are only doing so as part of their application for licensure. Instead, they will upload a transcript placeholder document (available at https://teal.uncc.edu/licensure-information) and TEAL will upload an official transcript when the application is routed to UNCC for verification in NCDPI's system. 

I took some AIG courses ten years ago, or at a different institution. What about transfer credit?

University policies only allow us to consider transfer credit for courses completed recently and  at the graduate level, and then only into the M.Ed. program. The four courses in our graduate certificate will transfer directly into our M.Ed., leaving seven additional courses to complete the master’s degree.  Courses completed more than 3 years ago, those in which you did not receive a grade of A, courses applied toward another degree, or courses taken at the undergraduate level usually cannot be granted transfer credit in our M.Ed.  program. A credit by exam option may be available in some cases where we are not able to offer transfer credit.

What if I don’t have AIG students in my classroom?

Lesson planning and related activities, particularly in the SPED 6124 and SPED 6224 courses as well as in some of the advanced M.Ed. coursework, require access to students in the classroom setting in order to complete course requirements. However, these do not need to be students formally identified as gifted. Many of the instructional approaches used in gifted settings also are appropriate across a broad range of student readiness levels.

What if I need to pause in my studies due to (a new baby, new position or job responsibilities, a family emergency, etc.)?
If you need to go more than one semester without being registered, to avoid getting bumped out of the UNCC system and having to reapply to the program, you should complete an academic petition before the end of the last semester preceding your absence from the program. The form is at ​https://gpetition.uncc.edu/login​ and you can read more information about this process at http://graduateschool.uncc.edu/current-students/forms. Have your student ID number on hand as you may need it to complete the form. If you are not currently enrolled and need to complete an academic petition, you may be required to use the paper form.

Can I receive one grade of C in the AIG grad program and still graduate?

Yes, a C is considered a nearly failing grade at the graduate level, and receiving a C in one course puts the candidate on academic probation. Upon a second grade of 'C' university policies automatically place the candidate on academic suspension, and the candidate then would have to petition to be reinstated to the program. The university typically makes it a condition of reinstatement that the student receives a grade of A or B in her/his remaining coursework.

How likely is it that I would make a C or Unsatisfactory grade in a certificate course?

How well you do in the program depends on your own efforts. That said, generally most unsatisfactory performance is related to excessive absences, failure to complete required work, or occasionally due to failing an assignment because of plagiarism. Historically, because of the high caliber of our candidates most AIG certificate courses end up with approximately 80% of class members in the A range at the end of the semester, with more B’s than other grades among the remaining 20%.

Once I have completed a course, when will my final grades be reflected on my unofficial transcript?

You should be able to see your final grade reflected on your transcript within 24 hours after the instructor has submitted your grade to Banner.

Once I have completed the program, how do I update my certificate?

Licensure updates are handled by our Teacher Education, Advising, and Licensure office (TEAL) in the Cato College of Education; see their page at http://teal.uncc.edu/licensure-information or contact them if you have specific licensure-related questions that are not addressed on their website.